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MED -Modern Ethno Dance

MED -Modern Ethno Dance


Modern Ethno Dance

Jessica Dudziak

Lele Galery 2019

Performance; 2:38 min

The project concerns the dialogue of the body with reality and the relationship with oneself. It is an attempt to achieve full harmony, which is impossible to achieve. During the performance, problems with moving half of the body were revealed by putting an orthosis on the leg. It was designed and hand-made by the performer. The other leg, on the other hand, carries an instrument – coyoleras – an Aztec rattle, brought from Mexico, which the artists/performers use for dance and movement activities. The rattle makes half of the body vibrate, while the other half is unable to repeat the movements. What follows is a fight with oneself and the will to act when the body refuses to obey. The performance is an intimate work resulting from the results of the artist’s health problems.


Art Works, Fashion


16 stycznia 2020

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